Depression is a condition where one suffers from negative attitudes for a long time. It is more severe than an occasional grief or emotional pain. Depression often shows signs of being overly affectionate or anxious.

Although it is normal for a normal person to feel pain, depression is a medical condition that needs medical attention.Recently, famous western singers like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga have publicly revealed that they are suffering from depression and are struggling to break free.

“Even though I had everything I needed, I was completely broken inside. I had to get rid of it. Even though I had everything I needed, I was completely broken inside. I try to do everything as if it were nothing but try to hide it for a long time and realize that I’m doing harm for myself” Popular singer Selena Gomez recounted her experience at the American Music Awards

The BBC NEWS program consulted a psychiatrist about the dangers of anxiety, the constant worry and anxiety about depression, and the mental illness of depression.

“Depression is different from ‘anxiety’. A person with depression is always going through a lot of pain,” said psychiatrist Steven Buckley, describing depression.”

“It’s normal for all of us to be sad at some point in life. But depression can make a person feel sad for a whole day, for weeks, even months. This can have a profound impact on their daily life. That’s when loneliness comes along.”

Why does depression occur?

Scientists have not yet to find a definitive answer to that question

It is difficult to pinpoint the causes of depression.When a person is in a state of extreme sadness, the long-term persistence of the feelings he or she is experiencing may lead to depression.

Specialist Dr. Steven Buckley explained that there are cases where one or more of the causes of depression are affected.

“A person has the opportunity to become depressed for a variety of reasons. For example, he or she faces everyday problems at home or at school. Harassment can lead to negative attitudes.”

How does depression affect day-to-day life?

Depression affects individuals at varying degrees. The extent to which one suffers from depression can be judged only by observing the nature of their feelings.

Depression can cause one to endure long periods of grief, another to have negative feelings about oneself, and to suffer from a sense of worthlessness.

Symptoms such as frequent tiredness, difficulty sleeping, and perhaps sleeping too much may be symptoms of depression.In addition, eating disorders can sometimes lead to decreased appetite, excessive eating, and unhealthy eating habits.

Happiness is money or Mental Healing?

Difficulty in focusing

Doctors point out that the symptoms of depression can be caused by difficulty in focusing on something and persistent anxiety.

Long-term sufferers may experience a loss of happiness, a feeling of dislike and even a lack of energy, even the hobbies they enjoyed before they fell ill. Lack of confidence and lack of interest in work are other symptoms

Proper treatment

“If someone suffers from an anxiety disorder or depression, it is important to talk to someone they trust as soon as they know there is a change in their behavior and feel sad,” Explained psychiatrist Steven Buckley.

“If you are diagnosed with depressive symptoms, do not hesitate. Get medical help as soon as possible.”

Depression is a common condition and medical experts insist that proper treatment can cure it.

“Don’t hesitate to share any minor issues with someone you care about. It can be the first step toward recovering from depression.”


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