Reality of Life

Reality of Life

Lost in our own – celluloid world

Chasing happiness – with unending hopes

Doing everything – that mind says bold

We live our lives aiming – far away goals….

Hatred, revenge, deceit – jealousy, annoyance

Greed, desire, craving – lust at its best

Me, Mine, Myself – above everything

This is our ‘world’ – which we accept so well….

When old age comes – knocking on the door

When death do part our – loved ones and so

When sickness numb us – with feelings so low

We cry with grief – coz that’s all we know….

Nothing in the world – stays as you would want

Not even your life – you hold above all

Impermanence is the nature – existence of all

This is the practical ‘truth’ – for intelligent search….

If we can see this – as reality of life

And want to feel – the happiness of this life

There is a great teacher – who taught us with kind

The path to the freedom – from grief every kind 

There is a reason – for everything to be

Nothing happens without a cause – that’s the reality

When cause ceases away – effect ends to be

That is the teaching – of the Buddha ever Supreme.

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