Reality Of Life

Last December we came to Sri Lanka for a one month holiday. We planned out trip to visit Kundasale Mahamewnawa, Somawathiya, Anuradhapura and Polgaswela Mahamewnawa. We were planning to go to Somawathiya and Anuradhapura on the 18th and come back on the 20th of December, I didn’t expect to write about this, but an unexpected incident which showed me the reality of life forced me to share it with you.

From the day we arrived to Sri Lanka there was heavy showers for weeks. It made us worry that we may not be able to cover out fixture. (Everybody told us not to go to Somawathiya in this rainy weather).

We are lucky

Fortunately, the rain stopped. One week prior to our trip. One of my best friends (Anula) and her husband were also planning to join us. The crowed was more than 18 at the start, but eventually, it dropped to 8.

On 16th evening Anula rang me, crying and said that her husband’s brother was killed in an accident in front of their house. We were shocked and sad because we knew him for more than 30 years. He was a very good person.

The body was not ready until 17th. We wanted pay him our last respect before going to Somawathiya. So we went to a famous funeral parlor to buy a wreath of flowers. Since the parlor didn’t have any readymade ones we had to select flowers for a new wreath.

Another Day

When I entered the parlor to select the flowers, there was a body lying on a stretcher. The upper body was covered with a cloth but from the waist down it was not covered. He was wearing short pants and looked skinny and dark. I didn’t panic or felt fear, because of Buddha’s teachings.

I selected some flowers for the wreath. thinking that yesterday this person may have being sitting on a chair talking to someone or playing with children or doing something without knowing that he will die the next day. Maybe he had lots of expectations for the future. Now he is on a stretcher, in a funeral parlor alone. Whether you like it or not, one day all of us will face the similar situation. This reminds us how true the teachings of our Lord Buddha.

On our way home from funeral house, the two bodies I saw in different places were in my mind. So many questions were struggling in my mind. If you are poor or rich, famous or not, educated or uneducated whatever the differences you have, nobody knows the time to leave this body. Nobody can take anything other than the good or bad, one has done. What is the meaning of this life which we attached to and entangled to, as leaches?

Some people are blind.

We are slaves of the Illusion of our own senses. Even though we have eyes, some people are blind. What do we gain in this long journey (Sansara)? is there real happiness or real purpose in our lives? Without our lord Buddha’s teaching how can we survive or get out of these sufferings?

Most people do not think about the impermanency of this body. We can’t expect that everybody is the same, but when we are in the society it is very hard to avoid being cheated by our own minds. Some people allow evil things to enter their minds after coming to false conclusions. Jealousy, anger, ego and greed grow inside the mind of a person, because of the selfishness and ignorance.

To avoid the ignorance and the selfishness, you have to follow Buddha’s teachings in a proper way, before it is too late.

Then you will realize, the body is not belongs to us. Due to previous karma we have obtain this body for a short period of time.

We are fortunate enough to be humans in this life but there is no guaranty for the next life, that it will be the same.

We have been blessed to listen, read Buddha’s teachings in our own language, and may be this is the last opportunity that we can have in this long journey.


So don’t delay— Follow the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings). Eliminate the sufferings.

Author//Vinitha from Australia

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