The Importance of Having a Healthy Meal Consists of Fresh and Natural Foods 

Food and water are essential for our bodies to sustain. Foods’ main purpose is to provide energy for the body’s day to day activities and its growth. Having fresh or whole foods is important since they make your body healthy. 

If a meal is consisted of fresh and natural foods, it will be more suitable to the good health of one’s body than an instant food made beforehand. 

Instant, fast, or processed foods are less in their nutrition than the fresh foods because a food loses its vitamins and minerals when it is processed to make it instant. In the process of making an instant food, it is devitalized and infused with chemicals and preservatives Thus, a food’s nutrition is deprived in a fast food. 

There are many processed foods in our societies today. Among them, instant noodles, canned foods, jam, hot dogs, low-fat yogurt, sugary cereals, doughnuts, drive-through foods, and soda are some of famous foods people take frequently without knowing their weakening of nutrition and healthiness. 

Some of the common known aftereffects of taking fast foods arc difficulty of digesting, absorbing, and eliminating them than natural and fresh foods. 


In Fact, these foods also seem to have bad long term effects on your body. A recent study conducted by Dr. Danielle Gallegos and his coworkers in Australia using 800 university students has shown that college students who eat instant foods such as instant noodles and baked beans are at risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. 

This research also showed that natural food like fruits alsb play an important role in the good health of these students.

A a final remark, it is important to mention that the fast foods offer your body a poor nutrition, and in long term, they bring you bad health. Therefore, give your body a healthy meal consists of fres nd natural foods, 

Author – Chinthaka Silva (Phd) 


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